AC21 and 7th year extension.


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My Perm has been applied on 3rd Nov 2011. My H1 is expiring on Feb 2011.

I am banking for approval of PERM + i140 by next 40 days. If not, I am researching about AC21 (21st century act)

by which one can get 7th year extension regardless of current status / country of residence.

Please correct me if required.

1. My alternate plans are, going on F1 visa and continue working on CPT.


2. Goto canada / Australia / India for the time it takes to approval of PERM + i140 (premium) ~2-3 months from now.

In both the above cases, I would like to get 7th year extension by AC 21 act.



Please suggest more and confirm, if AC21 will work in my case.

My company is fine and is supporting me in both the cases. Just that the lawyers are slow on holidays, and I am eager to get a solution on paper.


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