Need help to schedule my H1B Stamping


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I have my current H1B petition valid till May 18th 2012. I have never got the stamping done for my H1B so far and I have to visit India in end of April for my Brother's wedding. I work with CTS as a full timer and I can apply for my extension as soon as possible.

I was wondering to know as to what would be the appropriate time to go for Visa Stamping. I am really worried about the way people are getting held up when they go for H1B Stamping. I had couple of my friends who work for the same CTS, went for stamping and they did not had any problem as their Visa end date was not as close as what mine will be when I go in April 2012.

Please let me know if it is a wrong decision to go for stamping with just a month left on my current petition in spite of having the extension or should I go for stamping on my new petition.

I really appreciate any valuable opinions on my situation.


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Thanks a lot for the replies, I am just worried that they might just reject my Visa saying that there's only one month left and why there's a need for me to be back in US. Hope everything goes as per the plan. I am in a situation where I can't miss my Brother's wedding and at the same time don't want to fall into trouble...

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You might get the extension notice with premium processing before you leave. So if you can wait in India for 20 days after the wedding then you just apply for the stamp for this new petition (You can enter 10 days prior to start date). If you cannot wait then you can always carry the approved extension saying you will be working after the initial 30 days based on your approved petition, so technically it's not a one month work permit. These are just my thoughts, although better to check with attorneys for their opinion/experiences.

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