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please take look and let me know the consequences on 485 and do advise

My Consulting firm is based in VA.I was working in VA, my labor and 140 applied and approved in VA in 2007 and 2008.

Recently I moved to NJ for different project still I work for same consulting firm,as my priority dates got current Applied for EAD,AP and 485 from NJ had biometrics done recently waiting for approvals.

1. Will change of state does matter ?

2. EB2 Labor petition is salary is 80k,my current H1 LCA is 70k i have been paid as per h1b LCA in 2010.

and my previous 2006-2009 W2's ranges form 90-110K,will this be any issue

3. I was working ABC-client in VA at that time my h1b extened for three years went to india for stamping.

4. next worked for PQR-client(feb -july) in MD LCA was done H1b amendment notice sent/recived on may/2011 denial notice received on DEC/22 that time I am no more working for PQR-client next project started as mentioned below.

5. currently working for XYZ- client (Aug - till date) LCA done and H1B amendment notice date mailed in NOV/2011 (status -initial review)

please advise..

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Yes, you need a lawyer to look over the documents. At the very least, you need to understand that the employer is sponsoring you to work at a certain location (probably, VA) and at a certain salary. If your petition is approved, you need to protect youself by telling your employer that you are ready to work per conditions of the LC.

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