H1B transfer after 6 years - 3 years extension after 140 approved


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Company A filed for my PERM and 140 (both approved in May 2011). Based on this approval, I got my H1B extension beyond my initial 6 years ( My initial 6 years on H1B ended in 01/2011)

I have my H1 valid till 2014 because of approved 140 with company A.

I Want to move to Company B. Company B is willing to file H1B but it is not willing to start my green card process. Essentially they will not file for my PERM or port my current green card process.

Will I still get H1 with company B till 2014.

If company A decides to revoke my approved I-140 or if USCIS decides to cancel my I-140, will it impact my H1 B approval with Company B


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