Effect of Petition Revoke


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Hi All,

I went for visa stamping last week and Consulate guy didn't check any document and looked at only passport / approval notice and told me that they are sending back to USCIS to revoke it.

I guess that is called NOIR ( Notice of intent to revoke).

Since I am already in this year's quota and after seeing replies on this forum I came to know that, I can look for another employer who can file another application.

Now I have a question, if someone can answer I will really appreciate that.

If I look for another employer and he files another application and that is approved, but later on USCIS revokes my earlier application, what will be the effect on my new H1 ( which is processed by new employer), will that be invalid.

I hope I am able to explain the question.

thanks in advance for the reply.

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