Documentation Required for H1 Stamping


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Can you please tell me what other documentation would be required, if my employer is a consulting company.

In my case, I was working for Employer A for a client and my H1 Extension got denied. During this process my I-94 also expired. Employer A re-applied for H1 under nunc-pro-tunc, but even that had a RFE on it. In this time I approached Employer B, who filed my H1 for the same client, as I got new Client and Vendor letters. My H1 got approved now.

Apart from Client and Vendor letters, Do I have to carry any additional documents like PO, SOW between client and Vendor letter? I am not sure if my Vendor would be ready to provide such documents. Are these required for sure? Wouldn't Client and Vendor letter be enough to show the Employee-Employer-Client relationship?

Please let me know. Thank you!

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