H4 Stamping Additional Documents request Bank statements for 5 years!!!


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My wife went for her H4 stamping at mumbai.

This would have been her 3rd H4 stamping. And to our suprise(rather not) she was handed over the 221g form.

She has been asked to submit documents from my Petitioner(which is not an issue).

But apart from that she has been asked to submit

---- My pay stub and bank statement for the following periond -- 2007 -2011(thats what the officer wrote).

Now my question is, it make sense to provide the pay stub. But bank statement of nearly 5 years??? it would be a hell of a document with god knows how many pages.

Has any one been asked to submit this??? does it make sense to submit a year bank statement instead?

Pls help...

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Yes. My wife recently appeared for her H4 2nd extension on 20th dec and received 221g blue form with additional documents request. All documents that my employer filed to USCIS to renew my H1B.

Letter from Client

Agreement between all parties regarding project.

Pay stubs from last 10 months

all w2s

bank statements of last 1 year.

I am going to submit all docs next week.

please let me know what happen to your case also. I will keep you updated.


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Hey Guys,

I am in the same boat. My wife got 221g pink slip as she has her phd biology while she appeared for H4 visa. Due to know how long it takes to get the clearance? her interview was on 13 Dec and we submtted the docs on 14 dec. So it will be 2 weeks today. Do you know how long it takes to hear back from them?

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well i got the 5 years bank statments. now i have another issue.

I work for XYZ client and this is my direct client. Ths XZY client is not ready to give client letter as they have the policy not to issue such.

I have the contract between the XYZ client and my compnay, apart from this i also have a letter from the HR(xzy client) addressing my company that they do not issue client letter.

My question is will this be enough????

once i submit the documents i will keep u guys posted.

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