Successful visa stamping in Chennai


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Hi All,

I recently did my visa stamping in Chennai and thought I would share my experience, if that helps. I work full time and this is my H1 renewal.

I went to stamping on 5th December and I could not update sooner as I just came back from my vacation.

I had my visa interview on 5th morning at 9.15 am. I went to the consulate around 9.05 am and I was asked to wait outside. Around 9.15 they allowed the people in after checking the DS-160 confirmation page. Cleared security and I was given a token which had a number which they called out to check the documents and other things. I wear a glass and they said my photo did not comply with the rules, so they asked me to get a new photograph and luckily they had the guy on site to take a pic. After that delay which set me back by about 30 mins, I finished finger printing and went to the next building where people were waiting and I was asked to wait my turn. I was finally called with the same token number.

VO: Hi Good Morning.

Me: Good morning. How are you?

VO: Great. Can I see the documents.

Me: Gave it to him.

VO: Can I see your LCA. After seeing it.

VO: So what do you do for your company.

Me: Answered.

VO: How long have you been working for the place?

Me: It would be 4 years yesterday.

VO: Which client do you work for?

Me: I don't work for any specific client. I work at my company's work place.

VO: Who do you report to?

Me: My manager.

VO: Where does your manager work.

Me: Same place. Sits right next to me.

VO: *Laughs*. How many people work with you?

Me: Just my department or the whole company?

VO: Just your department.

Me: About 25 people. The company has about 1200.

VO: Looks into the computer screen. Ok, I approve your visa. Have a nice day.

Me: Great! Thanks. Have a nice day.

The whole thing took about 3 minutes.

I then started tracking the passport through SMS and on 7th Dec got an sms saying my passport is ready to collect if I want. I went to the place with my HDFC receipt original and they asked for a photo copy of the receipt and a photo copy of a photo id like Driver's license.

Came into US through JFK and the POE officer asked me what do I do for the company and what I work as. I answered and he gave me the new I-94. No issues.

I had three more friends who went for new stamping or renewal and all three got their visa stamped with no issues. Similar experience. All full time employees.

Hope this helps. Do ask if you have any questions. Wishing you a successful stamping. Cheers.

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