RFE on I485 Application - Birth Certifcate


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I received an RFE on my wife's I485 application. It says "I need to submit the photocopy of official birth certificate". I did submit the copy of birth certificate along with the application which is originally stated in English (not in native language). I don't know why they are asking it again. Should I have to re-submit her birth certificate? Can you share your thought on how to approach this request?

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I don't have any experience dealing this situation. But I were you, I will submit whatever document they ask, evenif you have done it before. My only suggestion is to follow up just to make sure they are satisfied with it.

If you have a Lawyer, let them deal with it. We are getting their professional services only for such scenarios.

To get GC, we have waited for so long and worked hard. At the end, it does matter if we submit documents twice or not.

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I am in the same situation we have RFE for primary and dependent asking to submit the Birth certification which I already sent…. First time when I submitted I took a copy of my original birth certificate in that my name was hand written and some of the text written in native language… South India (Tamil Nadu) has an online website where you can pull your BC so pulled it from website which is written in ENGLISH as well as native language… Not sure if this will help USCIS will be sending my BC tomorrow…


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Usually they ask for copies of documents if the copy with them is not legible. This can happen if the copies have been sitting around for a long time (in some bad quality copies, one can simply erase the black ink on the page with one's fingers). More than likely this is the reason why they are asking for it again.

But, in any case, send the copy again after making sure it is as good a quality as it can get.

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