H1B stamping in Canada with spouse


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Hi All

I am planning to book an H1B/H4 stamping appointment for myself and my spouse in Ottawa through the website "http://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/ss_country_welcome". I created an account with my details and once I am done I saw 4 options:

Schedule Appointment

Submit Documents to Consular Section

Register for Courier Service

Add Family Members

1. I am not sure which step I should start with 'Schedule Appointment' or 'Add Family Members'.

2. When I tried to do 'Add Family Members' under Non Canadian citizen->Non Immigrant visas->Applicants residing in US->Petition based Temporary workers under H category, I dont see H4 category at all!!!

Just wondering if any of you faced the same situation and what is the exact procedure to follow.

Thank You


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