Visa extension stamping in Vancouver before changing employer


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I currently work for employer A. My visa stamp on the passport has expired but my H1 Extension was approved up till 2013.

I am joining a new employer B in 3-4 weeks time.

I also need to travel to India for 2 weeks in late January.

To re-enter USA, I need an updated visa stamp on my passport.

Please help me figure out which of these options would work for me --

1. While still employed with current employer , go to Vancouver and get my visa stamped till 2013.

Join the new company, travel to India and while coming back, show my approved extension I797 and the visa stamp which mentions employer A.

2. Join the new company, immediately apply for required papers so that I can get my visa stamped in India -this time with employer B details?

The reason I am worried about option 2 (which clearly looks the better one) is that I would be very busy with a close relative's wedding in India and am not sure if I will be able to get a visa stamping date in time so that I don't get stuck in India for more than 2 weeks.

Please do help with your experience.


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