H1B WorkVisa Related Question!!


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Hello Sir/Mam,

Good Day!!

I am working with a Software organization.

They are trying to process my H1B Visa, but the payment mode is something new to me and would like to clarify if its a valid way/process.

The say they will process h1b visa and once we are in US they pay us in Per Diem Basis(everyday 50$) in USA and our payroll will still be on Indian Payroll. T

They provide W2 slips once a year in Jan-Feb Month.

Is this a valid way.. Working in US with Work Permit (H1B Visa) and getting paid on PerDiem basis while our payroll system is still with India.

I dont want to share my actual name or organization name because of HR Policies. Am trying to be very frank. :)

Pelase let me know if its valid way as per USCIS. If its valid is there any risk of doing so.

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Hmm, stay away from that.

Per diem is not a valid thing.

You need to get paid a real salary every month. Not a per diem. A real salary, with employment taxes getting paid, etc. And the salary has to be at least the prevailing wage.

And of course US payroll.

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