H1-B stamping at Hyderabad on 19-dec


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Wanted to share my exp at hyd consulate.

It was efficient and pleasant experience. Security let us in at 8.15 for 8.30am slot. after about 10 mins standing outside the gate we had to go through security screen before proceeding to collect docs submitted in advance at vfs. Waiting for finger prints took the longest time. After that everybody was given a token and about 10 mins after called for interview. Interview took about 30 seconds.

I work as a regular/full time employee of *****. Have masters in biotech (TAL).

VO: morning!

me: good morning!

VO: which company

me: merck

VO: wat do u do at merck?

me: answered in two sentences

VO: after typing something for a second, wats ur annual salary

me: told

VO: can i see latest paystub?

me: showed him one recent paystub

VO: congrats! u will receive passport in 5 days

me: thanked and ran!

total time time spent inside about one hr.

Goodluck to all.

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