Successfull Visa Stamping Vancouver - Dec 14th 2011


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Hi All,

First I need to thank Murthy Forum, And its postings (by different with their interview exp) really helped a lot. Vancouver is good place to get stamped .

My Interview Expierence :

Visa Interview Date : Dec 14 10:00am

H1b Extension : EC Model

First time H1B Stamping: ( 2008 Came to us on H4 and applied 2009 Quota H1b.

Now,Transferred to American Consultancy).

I reached consulate around 8:45 am it was so cold better you can go with jacket ,one lady will check the DS 160 appointment letter,I 797 and Passport than u need to wait in the line at least 45 mins then you will moved to security check ,after that Counter 1 they will give you the token number,once the token number displays go to 20th floor.

Once u reach 20th floor you will be directly going to Counter 3 where you will be Ten Printed .

Waiting for Token number to be called with in 2 or 3 mins Counter 8 Officer called me ...!

Interview Questions: (Counter 8)

Is this new H1B?


who is your previous employer?

XXXX ( Some Desi Company)

which client you work for in US ?

XXXX Client name

Whom do you report ?

Report to my Employer's Manager who will assign the work/job tasks. and Client manager monitors the work.

Are you married?


Is your husband also working ?


What is his status?


Who is his employer?

Same as me.

Who is his client?

XXXXX and He is also directly work with CLIENT. No vendors.

then immediately he said your visa is approved you will recieve passport in 3 bussiness days ....!

All the best for all scheduled appointments in vancouver ....!

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