my lawyer sent the application to Vermont Processing Center as opposed to California Processing Center.

pranav shah

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my lawyer sent the application to Vermont Processing Center as opposed to California Processing Center. i have new h1b premium ... so now my application will be rejected ? i dont know .... my file will sent before 23nov ..... still no receipt .... USCIS told to my lawyer ... we are going to send a conformation later ...... if any one know what meaning of conformation later ??

please help me guys .... thanks in advance ......... jsk

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Hello Pranav,

Mine was the same case... Vermont Center Rejected the application stating that it was filed under wrong center.

My package was sent to Vermont on 12/7. They rejected and sent it back and my attorney received it on Tuesday 12/13.

My attorneys refiled the application with California Center on 12/14. California Center received the application on 12/15 and Receipt Number was given on 12/16 stating that they received the application on 12/15 and now are processing it.

With Premium Processing you usually get the receipt with 2 days like the day after application is received by the Center.

Make sure you ask questions to your attorneys... make sure they are conveying you the status correctly... get the HR involved... follow up dont assume they will do it on their own.... sometimes you need to be on top of them to get things done.

Hope this helps !! Let me know if you have more questions....

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Ask you attorney who filed your Petition if he/she got the Email receipt.

You said it is a new H1B..Is it a regular quota or non cap petition? As regular quota was over on Nov 22. So make sure they received it before that date if it was a regular quota.

Ask fedex tracking number to your attorney and thats how you would know the application received date by VSS..

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@ kuku82

i have h1b regular quota (65000).. My application USCIS got on 11/18/2011 .... It's almost 1 month !! still No Recepit .the lawyers sent the application to Vermont Processing Center as opposed to California Processing Center. .... but USCIS told my lawyer ... we find your file ..USCIS is going to send some confirmation letter ... i dont know what they mean ??? now i need to still waiting for confirmation letter ... then i know whats gone on ... may be they can ask for re-filled with California Processing Center... .. but i am not sure ..... i was wondering ??? did they can tell us our cap is full and your file is rejected ...?? any one know ... ??/ its possible .... any one help me .... thanks in advance

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Stay in touch with your attorney and ask him to call USCIS again about what exactly is going on with your file. You are supposed to receive your premium processing fees back if they did not finish your case within 15 days and your case will continue as a expedited processing.

As your file was received by VSC before Nov 22, you should not get a rejection based on that. Just stay on head of your attorney and get the work done.

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I think your situation is very typical and it looks like you are running out of days in waiting for confirmation.

Nothing you can do as it's not in your hand.

That's why it is very important to select good & experience lawyer in this process who understand every single process in detail. It is very important that every single information in your file is very detail that will increase your chances of approval much high.

Anyway, best luck! - It is painful time.

Jai Shree Krishna!

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