Can I ask local USCIS office for status update?


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I got my green card on 9/15 under EB-2 and now I am waiting on my wife's green card. She is dependent on my and now that my GC got approved I was expecting to hear on her case soon. The update on USCIS website reads that her file is transferred to local USCIS office. I asked my attorney and he said it is most likely for interview as files get transferred to local USCIS office when they want to interview. I asked him if we can ask local USCIS office, proactively, to schedule for an interview instead of waiting on them to send us a letter, which could take forever, and he said no we can't do that.

While talking to my dad's attorney (different attorney), she suggested me to take an appointment from local office and ask them case status. When they share with me the details on case including need of interview, I should ask them to schedule to interview, if possible.

Please suggest what shall I do? It's been already three months since I got my green card and my wife is waiting on her still.

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