OPT to H1B with few paystubs


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I graduated my MS in Dec09 and got OPT starting from Feb10 to Feb11 and followed by extension till July 2012.

But I did my first project from Aug10-Oct10 and second project from Jan 11-Mar 11.From Mar11 to till date I am on bench without any project.

I got married in 2011 and my husband's GC is under process with I-140 approved

Now I am looking for this informaiton,

1.Will there be any problem if we file the taxes jointly as i didnt have any paystubs running while i was on bench?

2.While applying for my H1-B, do I need to have all my paystubs during my OPT? or latest 2months paystubs are enough?

Anykind of information is much appreciated.

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On OPT you don't need to get paid to be in status. You can stay 90 days without employer. As long as you have employer you can stay in status with no salary during OPT.

You won't need to give your paystubs for H1b filing. You would need to provide your I20 to show your current status.

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