I-797 Valid but I-94 expiring with Passport


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Hi all,

I am hoping someone could help resolve my issue.

- May 2010, I transferred my H1B to a new company.

- Received a new I-797 and I-94, valid till 2013.

- August 2010, visited India and returned early September.

- The Visa officer issued me an I94 that expires along with my passport in 2012.

- September 31, 2010, my H1B visa in the passport expired.

Now, I have an I-797 that expires in 2013 but my I-94 expires in July 2012. I plan to apply for a new passport. When I receive a new passport, what should I do?

If I travel outside of US, I need to go for stamping which could be risky these days. How can I get an I-94 that expires with my I-797? Is there a way to get I94 extended without leaving the country?

Please advice.


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