Urgent: Background Verification Discrepancy


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Hi Gurus,

I'm having a situation need help to resolve it.

Some info:

-> I have come on h1b in April 2011through consultant

-> Started project in june 2011 (EV) Model

-> I have not received pay stub for April and May.

-> I have got visa extension in September for 3 years.

-> I got full time offer subjected to positive background screening result.

Background Verification Agency has asked me to prove current employment with April paystub and last pay stub.

Now my background screening result shows discrepancy because I do not have first 2 months paystub (April and May).

Is there anything I can do in this situation? when I get my W-2 , will that also reflect 2 months gap?

Will my offer be disregarded due to this ?

Early reply will be appreciated.

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