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Hi All,

I am working with XYZ(indian company full time employee) Compnay for ABC client on H1B Visa,i have some questiosn that i need to ask based on current H1B status:

A)i have been given visa for 2 years from "17-dec-2009 to 17-dec-2011",my I797 validity date is till 22-Sep-2012,and I94 date is till 22-Sep-2012 based on above status below are questions:

1)Based on the above status will i able to transfer my H1B to new employer before or after 17-dec-2012,if i am able to transfer can i do transfer and extension at the same time,if so which month is better to start proceesing.

2)if i am not able to transfer,can i apply for new H1B will it be treated as new H1b or extension

3)will my new H1b will be counted under the H1B Cap where the cota for this year has been done

kinldy help me in how should i proceed further.

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