H1b transfer to new employer and old employer's I-140 - connection


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i worked for Emp-A on H1 for 5.5 years, had filed for GC and got I-140 approved. Now I have joined Emp-B, used Emp-A's I-140 for H1 transfer and got approved for 3 years.

1. Now if Emp-A cancels I-140 does it effect my approved H1 with Emp-B. Is there any connection between the two now?

2. Since I have completed 5.5 years on H1, do I need to start my GC processing and get labor/i-140 approved to go past 6 year limit or am I fine since i have used i-140 and got h1 transfer approved for 3 years.

If fine then I guess I can start GC later and get i-140 approved before the next extension 3 years down the line.

Please help me understand the connection between I-140 through Emp-A and approved H1 through Emp-B using Emp-A's I140.

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