H1B Paystub Issue


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Currently I am on H1B with company A. I got job offer from company B.

Company A gave me pay checks (which is lower than prevailing wage), but company A didn't provide pay stub from last 2 months. My questions are,

1. What should I do to transfer my H1B to company B?

2. Do i need to attached the copy of WH4 with company B H1B petition filing?

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Generally, an individual must be maintaining valid nonimmigrant status in order to change status or extend status in the U.S. Paystubs are usually submitted with the change of employer petition to demonstrate maintanence of status. If an individual earns less than the required wage USCIS may make a determination that s/he has failed to maintain status. Please schedule a consultation with an experienced immigration attorney to discuss the specific facts of your case and to determine the best strategy for filing the change of employer petition.

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