HIB Amendment -- Moving back to Previous Approved H1b Location


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i had a approved H1B for 3 years for Location A and Client A. my project go over due to Client 18 mon Contract rule. i need to be out for this client for 3 mons to rejoin again.

Meanwhile i got another Job in Location B and Client B and my employer filed H1B amendment and its still under process.(ie still intial Review)

Now my Client A Mgr called me for the same position (I completed my 3 mons) and would like to go back.

My Question is..

1) Can i use my previous Approved LCA and H1b petion which was approved for 3 years for the same client ? or do i need to apply for 2nd Amendment again? (Am going back to same location under same Client Manager)

2) What will happen to my Current H1b Amendment which is Stilll under process?

Appreciate your help..


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