Urgent Info needed on H1B Cap Exempt..Pls Help


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My H1 B was approved in Sep 2005.I worked till May 2009 on H1 B(Almost 3.5yrs) and left the country in May 2009.

I came back to US in April 2011 on L1 B and been working till date on L1B.

A new employer has filed my H1 B (Premium Processing) on 22nd November under Cap Exempt case and I received a receipt notice from USCIS.

My questions are following, considering I stayed outside the country for almost 2 years(May 2009 -April 2011)

1. Will I be eligible to be filed under Cap Exempt case?

2. Secondly,If my H1 B petition is approved how many years will I be eligible to work on New H1 B( ?(6 Yrs or only 1.5yrs)?

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