Change of last name and visa issues


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The legal proof would be your marriage certificate which has both of your names with your respective surnames. do not go for name change as she needs to change her name at many places like all certificates, passports and many other places... so leave the surname as is and try to get your legal marriage certificate as soon as you get married.

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Please note there is a huge difference between Name Change and Last Name Change. In this case, i understand you are referring to Last Name Change. I would recommend you to go ahead change it to your last name, this is very common in US, and widely accepted.

So, when you do the Last Name Change, the Indian Embassy would provide you a new passport, with the corrected name. and it would also be mentioned that the valid visa is in your old passport. (Please ensure this seal has been put on the new passport, when you recieve it). Then you need to let know the SSN office and remaining places.

Everytime you travel in-out of US, you need to travel with both your old and new passport (since visa is present in the old passport).

For all your certificates and remaining stuff, your two passports would be enough to help you go through.

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