new H1 application sent on 23rd -- will it be rejected?


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My H1 application was sent overnight by fedex same day delivery, on 22nd Nov. So I am guessing USCIS should have received the application on 23rd Nov. USCIS mentions that they will reject all applications received after 22nd Nov. However, the attorney working with my employer says that typically USCIS will receive a lot of applications that they reject due to reasons like RFE or they count non exempt applications (like H1 transfers) within the cap & so they would consider applications received on 23rd too.

How true is this?


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Hi Roshng,

I am in the same situation as you. My employer sent out my application on 23rd Nov. Will really appreciate if you can let me know what happens with your application.


Hi Ashley,

I am still waiting for my employer to confirm if he received any information. But based on what I am hearing, it will be rejected. Unfortunately we missed it by 1 day! :( Feels terrible!

Please do let me know what happens with your application. All the best!

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