h1B RFE and OPT period shortened,no OPT ,no h1B!!!


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I have issue on h1B RFE and Opt Extension.

My employer filled my h1B 3th of Nov and got RFE 15th of Nov,2011 by premium process.

Now,We are ready to submit all RFE documents.RFE due date is 10th February,2012.

My 1st year opt expiration date 14dec,2011 and we asked for h1B from 15th Dec,2011 to 14th Dec 2014.

Becuase of H1B application USCIS shortened my Opt to 30th Sept,2011.Now I am planning to

apply for OPT extension but I couldn't bcws opt period expires.

To solve this problem my school apply for OPT extension last week to OPT-processing center without my new I-20 as

they couldn't create new SEVIS bcws expiration of OPT.They also send some supporting letters to fix my date

and consider my OPT extension.

Meanwhile my employer wants to submit my H1-RFE.

My opt and H1b employer both are same.My working style(my employer(desi)=>vendor=>Client)

=>Is there any problem if I process h1B and Opt extension at the same time.Which one will be rejected?

=>My h1B is in pending stage.So if I apply for Opt extension now,then do you think my h1B will be rejected or

pending process rejected,so we couldn't submit RFE?

=>What should be my approach now?

any advice would be appreciated.



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