Employer missed to include check for ACWIA fee - JoeF


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I have two questions. JoeF, could you please help me?

1. My fresh H1B application was received by USCIS on 21st November. It looks like I made it into the cap.

I did not receive the receipt number though. While researching, I realized that the employer has not included the check for ACWIA fee. Is there a way to send out the check right now or do you think the application has already been rejected? The company recommended that they could get in touch with the congressman to help us out. Do you think an attorney or a congressman can help?

2. I used to work in a firm in the year 2009 in India. My employer had filed my H1 and I had received the approval notice but had no plans of coming to US, so dint retain the approval notice. Is there a way to track down the receipt number? I did not go for the visa stamping and I moved into a different job.

Please help.

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