Working on projects with H1b visa, no salary until now


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A company filed for my H1b in September, which was approved on October 6, but the company has no project for me to work on, although I've already had 3 interviews with clients and even training.

Due to lack of projects, I've never received a single payment up to now. I read somewhere that H1b holder had to receive salary, even without a project. Is that true?


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You have7Yes, that is true.

On H1, you have to get paid all the time, even on bench without a project. That's specified in 20 CFR 655.731. The employer knows this, since it was emphasized right when they filed the LCA.

If your employer doesn't want to pay you, you should file a complaint with DOL on form WH4. The DOL will make the employer pay you.

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