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I had lot of doubts on this topic:

I traveled to USA via company A on L1B.

Visa Issue Date: Oct 2006

US Entry Date: Nov 2006

Visa Expiry Date:June 2006

I had my company do a L1A instead of L1B extension.

Visa Issue Date: Aug 2009

US Entry Date: Aug 2009

Visa Expiry Date:Aug 2012

Althou, I did not stay in the USA until my Visa expiry. I returned back in April 2011.

I am currently posted in india.

Is my time of entry onto USA considered or my visa issue date be considered?

I was wondering, if I went back to USA again and did a L1 to H1 conversion, how much time would that leave me on the H1 visa?

Would it make sense that I hang on until April 2002, and then try and enter USA. (I would have completed one year outside USA)

Can I come back on my L1A in April/May 2012, do a status change to H1, and get my 6 years worth?

Thanks for any replies.

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