l2 - h1 Premium - RFE pending for 1.5 months


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Hi - my employer have applied my h1(currently in l2) in premiun on first week of Oct and got RFE on 13th Oct. He responded to the RFE on 15th Oct but till today there is no update to the case. In online it it still showing as Request for Evidence till today. My employer is saying he called the uscis and they told that in their internal system it is showing they have received the response for RFE and will provide response soon but its been more than 1.5 months now. My case was filed in VSC. Is it good idea for us to call uscis and ask about the status, what are the other options I have to know whether my employer have responded to the RFE or not.

Also as the h1 quota have finished by nov 22 will this affect my case decision, can anyone please help me.

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