H1 Transfer - Back to previous company - Please help


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Hi Guys

I transfered my H1B from company A to Company B four months ago (approved through Premium processing). Now, I want to go back and work for my previous employer (Company A). Can i go ahead and join Company A if they are willing to take me back (also if they had not yet revoked or cancelled my H1B). Please let me know.

I am travelling outside US next week. I came to know that if i show my previous empoyer (Company A) petition when i come back, then i can join Company A. Is that correct??

Please help.

Thanks Guys.

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You can not just show the petition for A, you also would have to start working for A.

Any knowledgeable company nowadays would cancel an H1 if the person leaves the company. There has been a recent court decision that if a company doesn't do that, they may end up having to pay a salary to the person.

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