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I looked at the USCIS pending inventory list published on Oct 2010 and compared with Oct 2011. Here is what i see. Even though priority date is not current looks like about 1/3 cases are processed between 2003 and 2005. Is that indication of EB3 to EB2 movement or is USCIS processing some long delayed cases from years later than priority date as published in Visa Bulletin?

With 4000+ cases processed every year, for me with a priority date of July 2005, it looks like would take about 9 yrs from now. Slow pace of EB3 would just discourage anyone who wants to come to US for work.

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I was told that since 2007, US employers hire only EB2 immigrants (4 year+5 years exp or MS). That is why you don't any applications in EB3. I think EB3 is dead unless there is some relief from H.R.3012 if it passes or else we have four choices: 1) upgrade to EB2, 2) wait for 70 years, 3) leave the country and 4) hmmm...hmmm... what's 4th... oops.

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