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visa interview attended- dec 7th

consulate- hyd

case details- MS in biotech and working in a top US bio company but in marketing (no research work)

common muslim name- no

Passport and i-797 copy was retained by VO. He said he'll send a 221g questionnaire by email containing basic questions like "name" "education" "countries visited" "research publications" which i need to answer and then he will start the processing. My resume was asked as attachment with the questionnaire in email.

I had a similar problem with a similar 221g questionnaire 3 years ago while applying for MS. I wonder how long it will take to resolve :(

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My case also ends with 4 and its been pending for more then 10 months..i have a common muslim name, only god knows what is stored for me...

My case is ending with 4. I do not see many cases ending with 4.majority is ending with1, and in my view majority cleared cases are also 1. However anybody here whose case is ending with 4. please write with your circumstance so that we can relate or guess in what case they give cases ending with 4.btw mine was L1 not H1B.
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I dont think our petetion will be cancelled, it is there process which should have been completed in 8-12 weekswhich is taking 40+ weeks or close to year.

All, what if happens when our case crosses 1 yr in AAP?what is the validity of 221g pink slip?Say if it is 1 year..what will happen beyond that?our petition will be cancelled?
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Thank you brothers. Yeah definitely i will remember everybody in dua. Just have patience and trust in Allah and everything will be fine. You guys will get your visa soon inshallah. Well, my boss has asked me to show up ASAP. Actually, he wanted me to be in the office this monday, but its very hard to make plans this early. Inshallah I will be there by the end of this month.

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