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Interview Date - April 10

Model - EC

Interviewed by American and Indian officers. In the end was told that visa is approved but they cant see something in PIMS database. When I asked is my petition not visible in PIMS, I was told that they could see my petition but some info was not visible and they can issue visa only after looking at that info. I was not issued any slip and when I asked for case number, the lady kept looking for it and then asked another officer in the back about how long will it take and then confirmed PIMS information will come in 1 week and then 1 week for passport to come so I do not need any case number. Just wait for 2 weeks. Any similar experiences?


I believe I was there yesterday when you were being interviewed and handed pink sheet. Coz I believe only 2 of us were held back to be interviewed by Indian officers. Anyways, all the best..

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H1b on April,20 2012

VO issued with 221g Pink slip.

Documents asked : None

Common Muslim Name : Yes

Passport : Sumbitted to VO (chennai consulate)

VO said my visa can be approved and issued with a 221g pink slip with case number written on it..But still my case number still not updated in chennai US Consulte website.I am more worried.

Mine is BEP case.I work for reputed Indian MNC.

Could some body tell me why my case number is not updated till?Also how long it will take to get my passport with visa stamped?

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@ nw80211..Hi I'm new to this forum and I also attended H1B on April,10 2012 and VO issued a pink slip.Even I am also not able to see my case number in the PDF file of the chennai consulate website.I'm in vain

Hey Bro,

Nothing that you are in control of, unfortunately. I was stuck in a similar situation. Luckily, in my case, the process took 10 calendar days. The website is close to real time in updates. I got back my passport with the stamping before they actually changed the status online as "Issued".

Just sit tight.

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Hi. I appeared for the H1B visa interview on 10th April in Chennai and was given the 221(g) pink slip. I had been previously screened in Dec 2008 for the same visa (same employer) and the process had lasted 110 days. Is there anyone who is undergoing the processing the 2nd time and is the processing time gonna be shorter this time? I was told that the process would take 4-8 weeks this time, but having received the same answer 3 years ago, I don't really believe it... Thanks.

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thnx brother.Today is the 9th working day after I attended the PA(Pink slip).Keeping for my fingers crossed.Still my case number s missing from the chennai consulate website and also the VFS website is displaying as 'Passport is under process @ chennai consulate/Embassy' against my passport number.

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Nope. Not yet, 3.5 months and still waiting......

In your case, you could probably try contacting the consulate directly....

Hey bro,

An aquaintance of mine is travelling soon to India, and I warned him about the possibility of being caught in this undesirable state....Are you able to log in hours from remote? Is your company supporting your time away from work for so long? How are you able to maintain status? Sorry if I am intrusive, but my company was only able to support me so much (and I can't blame them, since we are IT consultants, and physical presence is quite important)

God bless, and I pray for all our folks to travel back safe and sound...

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Well, my company did support me for a while....but after that they couldnt and as you said, we cannot blame the company anywayz....so now, I am just hoping for the best as there is nothing much we can do about it.....My manager already knows about the stamping issues...He did warn me before leaving for India, but due to some unavoidable circumstances, I could't cancel or postpone my trip. But the thing here is I end up paying my monthly payments on my car, without having a job. Looks like my life has come to standstill, but the only thing that excites me now is the fact that I am able to give time to family and friends. And I will continue to have trust is almighty and just hope for the best.


I did email the consulate directly after the 90 days period, but I got a standard reply saying that my case continues be in the administrative processing stage. (No details provided).

Administrative processing sucks dude....

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Visa Interview Date : May -14-2012.

Docs To Be Submitted: None.

Common Muslim Name: Yes.

result: pink slip

status: pending process

VI Location: Chennai

Working filed: Software

I had attended Visa Interview with general questions like my role, qualification, working location ie client side or company, going to join new organization at US? after this gave pink slip 221g.

In another counter, a indian Lady asked about education details, earlier country visited, old passport details, siblings details. Only passport and I797B form submitted. Finally they have informed me that, process will take 4 to 8 weeks. Still Waiting, 5th week running, status shows pending process.

Now I have applied for visa transfer to another big MNC (Software). If visa get approved I will travel with earlier company otherwise I will travel with this new MNC.

Right now dua to God almighty to clear my visa and all others visa. remember me in dua.

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Are you able to see your case number in chennai consulate website? If not, just send an email to infouschennai@vfshelpline.com and also give them a call and explain the situation. They will be able to fix it or give you the reason behind it.


Are you able to see your case number in chennai consulate website? If not, just send an email to infouschennai@vfshelpline.com and also give them a call and explain the situation. They will be able to fix it or give you the reason behind it.

any good news ur update brother

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