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Same here. Got an email from the chennai embassy to send the scanned copy of the new I129S. I too replied back to the email with a pdf. Like others, I have also got an automated reply. 


Does anyone know how long do they take after asking the new petition? Any info will be appreciated.



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Hi Guys,


Finally I have received my passport back after almost 7 & half months of painful waiting. I got Admin processing completion email on 1st of October asking for new version of petition. Sent the new version of petition on 9th of October. CEAC status showed "Issued" on 11th of October.

Received passport on 21st of October. It was an L1A blanket case.


Thanks to this forum. It was great to have a platform like this for information sharing and also de-stressing. I did couple of e-mail follow up and few phone calls in last 7 months but I guess nothing made difefrence. As everyone following the pdf has notcied that Consulate has been clearing old cases like never before in last 2 months. There must have been some kind of directive from top to consulate for clearing old cases. I guess, I got lucky and my case was picked up in the process.


I still have minor issue with my VISA with respect to discrepency of PED in various documents which I am trying to clarify at the moment but that's a minor and not a show stopper (as we say in IT)


Thanks to all the brothers and sisters in the forum for sharing updates and helping others. I wish none of us had to use the forum but there are something in life that we do not have control of.

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Finally got my clearance today. CEAC status updated 2 days ago saying "Your visa is in final processing", yesterday got email to collect ppt from consulate, and went there today and picked it up. A very very long wait(since 2011) finally came to an end. Could never understand their motive behind 221g and how its helping USA. 

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Interview date 9th Dec 2014

Issued 221g Pink Slip

My Client received a verification on 22nd Dec 2014

Case updated date changed 2nd Jan 2015 but still showing "Administrative Process"


Here are my interview details,  Please leave help me.


Due to unavailability of slots I have visited Chennai instead of my base location hyderabad.

H1b Visa Pink Slip 221g Administrative process, Visited Chennai instead of hyderabad


Here is my entire conversation with Visa Officer at Chennai,



Me: Good Morning,

Visa Officer: Morning,

Visa Officer: Show me your passport?

Me: Here is the passport

Visa Officer: Who is your client

Me: **************

Visa Officer: Ok, Which state you are travelling

Me: PA

Visa Officer: How much salary they pay you

Me: 62000$ per Annum

Visa Officer: Your Finger Prints not done Yesterday?

Me:  It's already been done yesterday morning and here is the stamp

Visa Officer:  You should verify it before coming here (She was Irritated)

Me: I was silent (As I do not have access to verify the fingerprints, not sure what went wrong)

Visa Officer: Where is your employer located? and where you are from?

Me: ***************** is having multiple offices across the globe,  Currently I'm working in Hyderabad location.

Visa Officer: Why you came to chennai then??

Me:  At the time of slot booking I did not find any available slot in Hyderabad,  So I came here.

Visa Officer: show me your petition copy.

Me:  Here it is

Visa Officer: Show me your employer contract with your client

Me:  Here it is

Visa Officer:  Why it is showing year 2011,  Dont you have a new one??

Me: I'm not sure but I'm currently working on the same project

Visa Officer: Do you have a client invitation and work order??

Me:  Please see, here is the client letter (She saw the letter)

Visa Officer: Do you have a latest pay slips of ***************?

Me:  I have given salary slips, bank statement, current hike letter

Later She gave a yellow slip which was written "Please wait in the lobby, untill we call you again"


After some time,

Another Visa Officers (Indians) called me:  They have asked two questions,

1. Why you came to chennai?

Me:  I said the same....the one I have mentioned above.

2. Where do you work in US at client place or your employer place.

I will work at my client place on ************** payroll.


After some time,

First Visa Officer called me and she gave a pink coloured form (221g) with a Case no and said that your application requires additional adminstrative proceeding before a final decession,  Please take your passport and check online for the further status.

Once it is changed you need to visit VFO, Hyderabad and submit your passport.


Me: I asked her that,  Are you expecting any documents from my end or my employer end.

Visa Officer:  No,  Please check this form.


Visa Officer:  She called next person.





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