485 Filing Question - Please Advise


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Hi Experts,

I have 485 Filing Question as part of GC thru my employer. Please advise.

I joined my current employer in Sep 2007. They initiated my GC and labor was applied which got approved. My Priority Date is in Mar 2008. However, due to some personal reasons I had to join other company in May 2008 for only 3 days. I came back and continued with my current employer again as they convinced me. There was no change to anything. So till date, I am continuing with same employer. They filed my 140 as well later in 2008 end and got approved. Now I am eligible to apply for 485. I was with my current employer during labor approval, 140 approval. Only 3 days in between (i,e after labor approved and before 140 was applied) I was with another company for 3 days.

My question is whether I need to mention even those 3 days of employment with other company in my 485 filing ? I received 3 days pay from them, got W2 from them. Included in my tax returns. So can you please advise whether I need to mention this now during 485 filing ? As my priority date and labor was approved before joining the other company, will there be any impact to my current 485 filing as I am continuing with those dates ? Do I need take any steps here ? Pls advise. I din't mention this during my h1 extensions nor 140 filing. Please advise.



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