Police arrest - need to file I 485 soon

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Hi, I was arrested back in 2001 while I was in college. Was charged with trying to break into a house, false accusation (right after 09/11 and all that). Spent a few days in jail waiting for the bail. The case was later dismissed, I think with a diversion. I remember having to write a paper as part of the diversion proceeding. I don't recall if I went ahead and had it expunged later or not.

Anyway, I filed for GC EB2 India with PD 05/13/2008. Looking at the Dec bulletin, looks like I might be current in the next month or so.

I want to know what exactly about this case is needed to be submitted as part of my AOS application. This was so many years ago, I don't recall many details and also I don't live in the state where I was arrested. I called the circuit court and the district court of the county but the court clerks weren't able to pull any information based on my name/SSN etc., I know I had to get a document from that court 5/6 years ago when filing for either H1B or Perm. I just don't recall and don't have that document anymore.

I'm not sure what to do now. If anyone has gone through submitting docs on a possibly expunged case, your help is appreciated.

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