Employment verification letter for visa stamping-different reason


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I am about to to appear for H1B stamping in Chennai in order for me to join a new job in the USA, and am in the processing of preparing all the documentation I need. One of the documents I need to carry is employment verification from current employer (stating that I am currently working in such and such company).

I currently work for XXX company and my current employer has no idea that I am applying for a H1B in order to join a new job.(Since I plan to submit my resignation papers only after I get a visa).

My present company Human Resource has a process of providing employee bonafide letter only for specific reasons ( a standard list is maintained by them , such as open bank account ,etc). Now the letter they have provided for me states that I am currently working in XXX company but it also states that the letter is issued in order to enable me to complete bank formalities I had to give them a reason from their list and all the options available were equally irrelevant.

Do you think I should go ahead and submit the above letter, since it does contain the fact that I am employed by the XXX company , or should I refrain from doing so , since it states a purpose of the letter that is completely irrelevant to what I am submitting it for.?

Please let me know your honest advice ?

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