Successful h1b Visa Stamping NOV 7th Ottawa


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Hi Guys,

I will try to write as detailed as possible to avoid further questions.

I drove from Boston NOV 6th (Sunday) , my interview is on NOV 7th 8 AM. I went to US Consulate 10 mins a head, they will check your photo at the entrance and give you a token for finger prints and then interview.

I am a Full Time Employee, so no client letters, i know few people that day and next day got 221g's for lack of client letters or failed to explain Employee-Employer relationship. So, be well prepared to explain your position and relationship.

I carried the below set of documents:

Passport,I 797, Pay stubs, bank statements, W2's, Employment Letter(as i am a full time employee, if you are EVC, Employment Letter + Client Letter + contract between Vendor & Client), Company Tax returns(Not necessary in most of the cases, but just in case, i haven't seen anyone asking for this on my interview day) and any other supporting docs.

All of the people that day and next day got their visas except a few 221g's for reasons i explained above.

My interview Questions:

. What do you do?

. What is your role in your company?

. Are you a programmer analyst or system analyst?

. This is the most interesting question of my interview and i haven't heard this question from anyone. I work on a new hot technology, so the Officer asked me to do a Role Play considering myself as a seller and he as a buyer and wants me to sell my hot technology to him and wants me to show my skills and best features of the technology. (Again, this is a one of a kind question and i haven't heard from anyone asking this, so its good to be prepared)

. Is your client direct or is there any vendor in between ( This is a crucial question for EVC model candidates, so be well prepared for this)

That's all. Visa approved. Gave me a slip to pickup my passport in DHL location, I got my passport picked up Wed morning NOV 9th and spent a night in Montreal and drove back to USA today, no fuss at US border, everything went smooth.

Hope this helps and Good Luck!!

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