I-485 application pending, I-140 approved


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I had filed for I-140 and 485 concurrently back in May 2011 and after an RFE on I-140, USCIS denied 140 due to missing tax return document from employer. After refiling a fresh I-140 back in June again, my new I-140 was approved Nov 8th 2011. However, 485 is still showing as pending.

Attorney is of opinion that we do a fresh re-file of 485 since the old 485 is taged with denied 140 application.Can you please advise if this is right approach or if we can still ask USCIS to consider the old 485?. Finger printing was already completed back in May 2011.

Did any of you experience this and any feedback is appreciated.

My PD is current Dec 2005 - Eb2.



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