H-4 COS Issue.


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I filed for COS from H-4 to F-1 in May,2011 which got approved from USCIS on July 15th for the summer semester. My university DSO did not update or notify SEVIS. When i tried to register for Fall-2011 i found out that my SEVIS was terminated and DSO has been working for last 4 months with SEVIS and after 2 queries its still pending for reactivation.

I have been registering for 3 courses every semester to make sure everything is good from my end. But can some one answer if i am in the danger of going out of status with SEVIS termination with approved F-1? And i do have H-4 stamping until 2013, am i better off filing for COS back to H-4 before 180 days?

Thanks in advance.

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