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Successful H1B stamping in chennai - aug 23 - EVC model

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Hi All,

I would like to share my stamping experience.

My case: Entered US in L1 visa and then changed my status to H1 last year oct. So it is a RENEWAL stamping. Currently a small consulting firm (wtih 10 employees) holds my H1 visa.

I am working at client location who does not give client letter. I just had some proofs like my profile pages in the client's site, email from HR saying as per the ploicy they don't provide any client letter etc.

I talked to lawyer and was told I need to have 2010 and 2011 paystubs. I had all the supporting documents with me.

VO: Howlong have you been in the US.

me : Around 2.5 yrs.

VO : Who is your employer

me : answered

VO : Where are you working in the US?

me : answered

VO : What was you status previously?

me : I was in L1 visa for some time and then I switched to H1B last year Nov.

VO : Is there anyone between your employer and the client (I thought I am screwed up here)

me : yes. I have to go through the client's preferred vendor and my employer has contract with the preferred vendor.

VO : whats your annual salary?

me : around xxx

VO : Can I see your last 3 months paystubs?

me : Handed over all my 2011 paystubs bunch.

VO : Your visa is approved and it will be mailed to you in a week.

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Thank you guys.. I saw many people leaving the embassy happily. In a day the consulate sees 100's of people trying to get stamping. I believe some of them have issues in getting stamped. So don't loose your hopes. Try to collect and organize all the documents that you could produce. Thats what we can do from ourside though the result is not in our hands.

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Renewals are pretty much less complicated when compared to the first time stampings...but that is a good thing that u shared..very few ppl who have their successful stampings come back and share their interview experiences ..it usually boosts the confidence of other ppl who are planning to go for stamping ..all we see here is a bunch of queries and unsuccessful stampings..and we get scared..ur post is like a fresh breeze to us man..good luck with ur future endeavors ..

once again thanks for sharing..

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Sai_h1, congratulations for your visa, how long it took to get stamped passport? Did they update status on passport tracking link, if yes what was it? Thanks in advance

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First of all congratulations for the stamping. Can you please update your contact details on ur profile page or can u send me an email(id is in my profile).

I am planning to go for stamping to chennai. I am with the similar case, transfered from L1-->H1B with EVC model and extension stamping.


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Congrats and good to see some positive news.

What did you answer when they asked you where are you working?You jus mentioned the client name or the city and the client name???

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@ Khel01

I went to bluedart office to collect my passport (As I din't have sufficient time to collect my passport from vfs office) .. I dont know if there is a link to track passport..I called vfs customer service line and gave them my passport number for tracking

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Hai sai.. .congrats...can you send me your contact details...i have appintment for my visa end of this month in chennai consulate...

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