I-140 has preference classification different than labor


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Hi all,

I have an advanced degree in US but my employer said he could not file my immigration in EB3 since I (according to his lawyer) did not meet the salary requirements for EB2(which according to him was 90k+). After arguing a lot I gave up.

My labor was filed and approved last month following which they(lawyers) filed my I-140. This week, I got the receipt of filing and in that I was surprised to see the Preference Classification as : 203 EB2 ADV DEGREE - EXC ABILITY. I was told that they filed in EB3. I don't know if I should feel lucky that this somehow got into EB2(which I always wanted) or will it cause some discrepancy and negatively affect the immigration process later.

Please let me know if we need to get this clarified from the USCIS/Dept. of Labor.?


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