H1B Stamping & Employer address change !!


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I had been working on F1-OPT and now on H1B (Started Oct 1). I will be going to India for my first time H1B stamping soon. I am working as a full time employee in an organization (mid-size). I am not working as a consultant.

My company is moving offices to a different building within 2-5 miles radius. Its a bigger building and they are basically consolidating the 2 current separate offices at one place (i.e. HR, other departments, etc.). The address on my H1B approval form is my current location address where I am working.

My question is :

1> Should I go to India before my employer changes the address / moves office ?

2> What will happen if I go to India for stamping after the office has moved / address changed ?

a> Do i need to get H1B Visa amendment done ?

b> Is there any documentation process to be followed ? Any USCIS related issues ?

3> Will the change of address / office cause issue at Port of Entry while returning back ?

Please advise.


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