Successful stamping for H1(B) & H4 in Tijuana, Mexico.


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Walked through Mexico border from San Diego, asked the Mexican official to stamp entry date on Mexican visa on passport.

Checked into hotel and went for ASC interview which was at 12pm on 31st Oct but we reached at 11am.

Documents for ASC



DS-160 Confirmation page with bar code (they will put a small sticker on ds-160 save that page for next day's consulate interview)

Appointment confirmation letter

MRV payment confirmation

Consulate Interview

Interview was at 10am on 1st November 2011(we reached at 9am)

There was a long que(for token number) outside consulate, took 1hour to get inside


Then after entering 1st building there was a security check-up like its done in the airports. (just take your documents and cash for cell phones etc.. allowed here)

Then we have to wait for a while and enter 2nd building

Here we need to go to 3 counters..whenever our token numbers are displayed. (there are 2 people standing to guide us here)

1st counter is where they will check I-797, passport and check some details on their computer.

2nd counter again finger print verification

3rd counter is actual interview

Me:Good morning, how are u?

VO: Good, Thank you. Please give me your passports and I-797's

Me : Handed over to him( Both mine and my my wife's )

VO: Give me your I-129

Me: Handed over

VO: So you work for ABC is it in-house project? (employer name from 797)

ME: Yes I work for ABC, I work for a client.... not in-house project.

VO: From how long are your working for ABC?

Me: Since 2006

VO: Give me your W2's

ME: handed over past 4 years W2's

VO: Where did you work before your current project?

ME: In detail explained about my last 3 projects from 2006 and locations. ( he was tallying locations from past 4 years with my residence city/address on my W2's)

VO: Who is your client and location also any vendors? (he was checking my LCA too)

ME: Told client's name and location, yes my client has a preferred vendor. (also briefed him about my job duties)

VO: How often does your employer contact you about your work? (asked to describe how you maintain employer-employee relationship)

ME: Told him we have a erm portal where I submit my time sheets and status reports, we have phone conversations also employer visits me once a month and we have group meetings and discussions etc...( I had taken print outs of my time sheets and status reports for past 8months...but he dint ask me for them)

VO:Do you have a letter from your vendor and client?

ME: Yes and handed over to him

VO:You got married in India?

ME: Yes do you want to see my marriage certificate?

VO: "No", he laughed and said " everything you are saying is true right?"

VO: You did not visit India from 2 years?

ME: I was busy with my projects...did not get a chance to take a leave, I was playing a crucial role in them and also was leading them. (My client specified my designation on project in client letter)

VO: So any plans to visit now? ( He was smiling and joking about things now)

ME: Maybe very soon.

VO: OK Sir your visa is approved.

ME: Thank you very much.

He checked my I-129 for a very long time... all thur above conversation. Also he was typing for a very long time after each question on his computer.

Collected my passport next working day

Then crossed the border again and entered San Diego

Before crossing back the border remember to surrender your old I-94 at the permits office, which is a white building with 3 USA flags on the right side.

Also do not forget to check if they have stamped entry date on your passport.

We just used the orange-white cabs or hotel provided blue-white cabs all through the trip.

If anyone has anymore questions, pls feel free to ask.

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There is parking near Las Americas Premium outlet mall near border, you can park there take your token and walk on the road exactly opposite to that parking..... The guy near that parking is very helpful with directions to cross border. There are few other parking areas too.

just before you cross border.

Indians mostly stay at hotel Real del rio and Marriott. Near both these hotels cabs are readily available. If possible take printed addresses of ASC & Consulate locations.

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