H4 stamping without H1b stamping ASAP


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Hi. everyone...

I am on H4 status and my visa stamp is expired . And I have to go India due to some urgency...

while coming back from India to USA, I need to renew my H4 visa.

I have all documents mentioned in VFS website except, my husband "valid stamp"..(supporting Document) ..which is already expired in 2009..We both have valid I-797 till 2014..


Do my husband has to come INDIA for stamping along with me..???? I am going to INDIA on coming Nov 7th..2011...???

Please guide me..ASAP...


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Generally, an applicant for H-4 visa should demonstrate eligibility namely proof of marriage, proof of his/her H-1B spouse maintaining valid H-1B status. Generally it is not necessary for the H-1B spouse to accompany the H-4 for his/her visa stamping. Due to increased scrutiny in certain cases, it may be necessary to take additional documents regarding the H-1B position, H-1B employer's operations etc. Kindly consult with an immigration attorney with regards to specific questions, detailed documents that may be required to increase the chances of success.

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