Urgent: Applying Second Visa Transfer without Pay Stub


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I have a question related to transferring my H1 to a new employer.

I had quit my company in mid September and have a pay stub till end of the month. During this time I transferred my visa to a consultancy(visa transfer has not yet been approved) and currently I am not on any payroll as I have no project yet. But I have got a full time job with a company and they have no knowledge of me moving to a consultancy. They still think I am doing my full time job.

What options do I have to file a H1 with my new employer?

Can I apply for a fresh H1 without Oct pay stub?

Will I be queried for pay stub during this time?

Can I re transfer my H1 from my previous employer?

Should I be using the Receipt number of visa transfer for my new visa application?



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That is the problem I dont want the current employer to know about that details. If they know about it they definitely they would revoke the job offer.

They will find out, and would then fire you for cause.

It is a very bad idea to hide such things.

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