H1 Visa Refused after 221G. - Help


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I went for the visa stamping at Hyderabad in October. The visa officer gave me a 221G blue form and a case number. He took my LCA, I -797, I-129, Client Letter, Letter to USCIS from the Petition and told me that he would reach a decision in 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks I receive a reply saying that my petition was returned to USCIS to be revoked. The reason stated was there was a willful misrepresentation and my visa is refused under 212(a)(6)©(i)

There are three companies I have association with.

My Employer -- Company A

My Client -- Company B

My Clients client -- Company C

Company B took the contract for the project from Company C and my employer Company A subcontracted the project providing 40 resources.

Now my client letter is from Company B with its address. whereas my LCA has the Company C's address Listed.

Now when the officer said that there is a willful misrepresentation is that the addresses that are listed that stand out or is it anything else.

If I can reappeal, what should I do and how do I get the complete reason as what information was misinterpreted from the USCIS.

How should I proceed now.

Please reply

Venkat Rao.

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where is your work location ? company a/b/c ?

very less chances once you case goes back to USCIS

your attorney in US should take care of reappeal.. reappeal is expensive you got to pay the attorney fees!

reappeal will take atleast 2-3 months for a decision to be made

better apply for a new petition and move forward

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