Advantage of L1 B Individual over L1 Blanket(Stamping wise)?


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I am currently in USA working for ABC company.

I held an L1B Blanket from Nov 2008 to July 2011 with company ABC.

Filed my L1B Individual under premium processing and got it approved. The current L1 B Individual is valid until July 2013.

I need to travel in December to India.

1) Now that I possess L1B individual, what are my chances of getting stamped?

2) I hear there are lot many rejections for L1B Banket. Is it true for L1B Individual as well?

3) My company immigration team told me that stamping wise, L1B individual is same as H1B ( L1B Blanket is more at risk).

Should I ask my company to file H1 now before I go to India?

Note: My intent is not to change my company but have a smooth stamping experience.

- Thanks

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You cannot really compare the visa application process where a foreign national has an approved L-1 petition to that of a person applying under a company's L-1 Blanket. When a foreign national has an approved L-1 petition, USCIS has already adjudicated the case. When applying under a company's Blanket, the Consulate is essentially responsible for reviewing the entire case from scratch.

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Thank You for the Reply.

Just to reconfirm so that everyone understands the discussion better.

In case of L1 Individual petition approval, the USCIS has adjudicated. That means USCIS had approved the petition and stamping cannot be refused by consulate on skill basis.

In L1 blanket, the discretion of acceptance or refusal depends on consulate's decision.

In my case, clearly with L1 Individual status, I wont be refused saying "technology is not sufficient"(typical reason for L1 Blanket rejection).

However consulate can put an admin processing.

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